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Phytness Is Program?

"In order to let more people know about our belief - best way for a pain free life is movement, our exercise class, health talk and workshops would allow us to deliver the message to more people."

Our Kids-Fit program.

Ages 5 to 8 are a period of rapid physical and cognitive development for children. Exercise can help your body and brain develop and grow better.

Health Talk and Workshops.

Health talks and workshops are great ways to learn about and improve your well-being. Our physiotherapist or certified fitness trainer-led health talk and workshop aim at providing practical tips and insights on various health topics for you or your company.

Physical health

Exercise can help strengthen your body, increase endurance and fitness levels. Engaging in appropriate exercise can also help reduce the risk of disease.

Brain development

Exercise can help your brain develop and learn better. Through exercise, you can improve your memory, attention, coordination and learning ability.

Social Skills

Participating in sports activities can help you meet new friends, learn teamwork and communication.

Most importantly, exercise should be fun and safe. Make sure you warm up and stretch properly before and after doing any exercise and do it in a safe place.

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